Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Which phone to buy right now? (March 2012)

These days, the tech world is inundated with announcements, rumors, and confusion. It's a good problem to have, because it translates into consumers having a lot of choice. However, for anyone who is not a tech junkie (ahem) it has become virtually impossible to just go out, buy a phone and not regret it later. I have decided to start this monthly guide where, based on my experience and knowledge, I will suggest ideal solutions for different pockets. Let's get to work!

[NOTE: This is not a Samsung advertisement. It's just that they are making the best sets in every price range right now!]


Easy, this one. My vote goes to Nokia X2-02. Granted, there are cheaper phones out there and the price is not rock-bottom (Rs6k). But consider what you will be getting: bright, 2.2 inch QVGA screen, Nokia S40 OS which handles java if not multitasking, best speaker sound in the business, wireless FM, FM Transmitter (enabling you to play your music file over any sound system through its FM radio without the need for wires), bluetooth, EDGE internet, micro SD card slot, USB slot, dual SIM capability..... Yes, I don't believe it either. In use, like almost all Nokia phones in recent memory, the phone has been somewhat buggy and prone to restarts. But at this price, who cares!


Samsung Galaxy Y(Rs13.5k) and Samsung Galaxy Y Pro (Rs14k). Android 2.3, large(ish) QVGA screen, 800 MHz processor with 512 MB RAM, wifi, GPS, and all the flexibility and power of Android. At this price, these phones cannot be beaten and completely render the purchase of any non-smartphone (such as Nokia Asha and Samsung Corby) over Rs9k grossly unjustified.


Android 2.3 (confirmed update to 4.0 in the works), 3.7 inch screen with 800x480 resolution, 1 GHz processor, card slot, wifi, GPS, HDMI Out (with cable in the box), EXCELLENT5 MP camera with HD video. If you have a budget of around Rs20-25k, you cannot go wrong with this phone. As such, there is absolutely no need to go for any smartphone between the price of Rs25k - Rs40k since this set will beat their specs in every way.


Apologies for not recommending Samsung Galaxy S2. Nexus has Android 4.0 and a buttonless interface, and this combination cannot be beaten right now. The phone is fast and is ideal for consuming media thanks to its 4.7 inch 1280x720 HD display. Being a Samsung, the build quality is beyond question. The only drawback is lack of a card slot, but it does have 16GB built-in memory. The set supports HDMI Out (via MHL) and has every connectivity option imaginable including USB On the Go (the ability to connect various USB drives, mouse, or keyboard and other devices via the microUSB slot).

Yes, I know, the camera is a (seemingly) mediocre 5 MP job. Tell me: do you honestly don't know that you can get a perfectly good 15 megapixel camera separately for about Rs10k? Phones are not about cameras, alone, and cameras are not about megapixels alone. Also, Galaxy Nexus offers one thing that NO OTHER phone has: the ability to capture photos without any lag or delay. That alone, I believe, compensates for any lack of quality or resolution.

At Rs49k this package is hard to beat, even though Galaxy S2 is smaller, lighter, better looking and a tiny bit  faster, it looses out due to the very low comparative screen resolution and user interface.


The hottest phone in local market at the moment. Note is the SAME as Galaxy S2, with three differences: 5-inch screen with an HD resolution (same as Galaxy Nexus), larger battery and stylus capability. The only negative points I can think of are debatable pocketability, Samsung's horrible TouchWiz UI over Android 2.3 (though an Android 4.0 update is due in a month or so) and difficulty in reaching the corners of the screen due to large size. If you can live with these shortcomings, get ready to be blown away by the games and movies on this device as nothing else comes close to in those respects (except to some extent, the Galaxy Nexus). This beast (in all senses of the word) will set you back Rs55,000 and even at that price it's a steal. If you can live with the size, there's nothing else like it!

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