Thursday, March 22, 2012

New iPad heating issues

Dear dear. It seems the New iPad (third gen) is having some serious heating issues. The tablet runs as much as 10 degrees Celsius hotter the 'old' iPad.

Yes, it has got that glorious screen. And....... nothing worth frying your hands, thighs or other regions, surely? Based on Apple's response on the iPhone 4 signal issues, here is my prediction of what will happen:

1) Apple will issue an official statement denying any such issues
2) A few weeks later, Apple will say that the heating issue 'might effect some devices', and the new batches will be free from this issue. They will offer to send refurbished new iPads in return for the defective units.
3) A couple of burn injuries later, Apple will say, 'Look, we know this issue doesn't exist, but since we are Father Christmas, please buy this cover/fan/cooling unit for 50 USD to address it'.
4) People will line up outside Apple stores to get the unit
5) The 'New New iPad' launched in April 2013 will have a dedicated thermal cooling mechanism

Good luck.

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