Wednesday, March 28, 2012

BlueStacks runs Android Apps on your PC

"Cloud" is a word I HATE in a computing context. I know, that places my mind firmly in the post-baby boomer generation - and that'd be right, I am that old!

However, 'cloud' has some benefits. Email. DropBox. Collaboration on documents. Today, I present an entirely new implementation of the Cloud. It's called the BlueStacks app player and it is used to run Android apps on your PC.

Now, what possible use is that? I am trying to think of some myself! The first and foremost use to my mind is suddenly acquiring a library of around 450,000 apps (including ANGRY BIRDS!!). Suddenly you have a plethora of games and applications that are often easier to use than their desktop counterparts. You don't need to worry about your computer's specs.

The service is unique in the sense that it will connect to your Google Play Store (formerly Android Market) account and sync the apps across platforms. That sounds pretty cool to me.

Check it out

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