Monday, March 12, 2012

A little less Apple

Hello and a warm welcome.

You know what, I am sick and tired of the Internet tech blogs. They are all obsessed with Apple. They are obsessed to the point where they don't/can't see the faults within Apple products. Also, they fail to disclose the alternatives to iPhone, iPad, MacBooks etc. It seems no one wants to risk appearing 'uncool' by speaking the truth. Trust me on one thing: contrary to what you will read on the Web, many Apple products are NOT the best thing ever.

There is another side to my apprehension about Apple products. Usually, Apple makes the most expensive products in their category. That means that most Apple products are out of reach for 80% of the people I know (including myself). Is there no life for the rest of us?

Thirdly, most bugs/problems with Apple products don't get highlighted. No offense, but most Apple users are too rich and too unaware of the world outside of Apple to care or even detect a problem. Unconditional reverence and acceptance of faults as 'quirks' and 'features' are the norm for Apple customers. Apple feels free to steal ideas from others and claim them their own invention. They thrive on the famous 'reality distortion field'. The trouble is, for whatever reason, very few are willing to break out of the trance induced by glitz and deception, and therefore fail to report objectively.

This is where I come in. Make no mistake: I love Apple products, I just don't think they are the best thing ever. On this blog, you will get reports, reviews and updates which are not Apple-centric. Simple.


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