Saturday, March 17, 2012

Connecting a Smartphone to TV - Part 2: Why

Please refer to my previous post where I covered the hardware aspects of HDMI Out connections in Android phones.

Now the question is: why? A picture is worth a thousand words:

Imagine: Angry Birds on a 40 inch screen! Not only that, here are just a few uses I can think:
1) The while family can browse the web and YouTube videos. Ideal for catching up on missed TV shows
2) Skype calls via big screen
3) You can check your email too
4) Viewing photos and videos on your phone AND on network-connected hard drives
5) Using the TV's sound system to hear locally stored or online streamed music
6) Showing presentations to an assembled room of executives without a laptop

In other words, your TV can become a fully capable, internet-connected device able to do anything your computer can do. No need to buy a smart TV or a media player like those by Roku or ASUS or Logitech. Your smartphone just converts your TV into a smart one!


Now that you have got the cables, here is how to go about it:
1) For Motorola and Sony devices, just plug the mini HDMI into the phone's slot, and plug the HDMI plug into  your TV's HDMI input. Make sure the phone's display is on and switch the TV's display to HDMI (if that sounds complicated, you don't deserve to own a phone or a LCD TV).
2) For HTC Sensation and Samsung Galaxy series, first plug the MHL dongle into your phone's micro USB slot. Plug in the charger and insert its micro USB plug into the dongle's micro USB slot. Finally, plug both ends of the HDMI cable into the dongle and TV's HDMI slots. If that sounds complicated, join the club.

So there you have it - something you probably didn't know about your phone. Feedback welcome!

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