Monday, March 19, 2012

Nokia X2-02: the best phone in the world right now?

Imagine a phone with a clearly visible display in the sunlight.
Imagine a phone with the best sound in the business bar none.
Imagine a phone with wireless FM radio and an FM transmitter.
Imagine a phone with dual-sim support and crystal-clear calls.

Now stop imagining and behold the Nokia X2-02!

Nokia X2-02
Yes, Nokia X2-02 which sits one rung above the very bottom in the Nokia lineup. It costs Rs5,500. It has 2.0 megapixel camera, GPRS/EDGE internet, java, and lost of apps.

Sometimes we all lose sight of what we want in a phone. Yes, most of us do wish for a PC in our pockets that is pocketable, yet has a huge screen and can become a full fledged PC when we tell it to. To that end, we go for fancy iPhones and Android phones.

I urge you to read this review and tell me if X2-02 is NOT 80% of the phone you will ever need. Yes, it has a 2.2 QVGA screen, and no wi-fi. It cannot multitask. Its pictures are passable. But - it is a better music phone than all other phones. It's sound is unbelievable. It can call and text just fine, albeit with a doze of errors and restarts. What more can you ask for ?

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