Friday, April 20, 2012

Which Phones NOT to Buy Right Now

It's getting funny. Every week new models are launched, and most people I know tend to get attracted by the looks of a new gadget long before they are able to consider its advantages. I have learnt this one lesson: It's not about specs, it's about what you can DO with it. So, in parallel to my monthly feature of 'Which Phones to Buy Right Now' I have decided to start this one. The main intention is to share my pain and suffering so that others can be warned.


Samsung is spoiling the party for everyone. One X is a fine machine, but in view of the impending launch of successor to Galaxy S2, it is wise not to spend that much cash on the One X and wait for what Samsung have to offer. In my opinion, One X is quite overpriced right now at Rs58k. It's battery life is pathetic even by HTC's own low standards. In a month or two perhaps the One X will make sense, but not today. Samsung Galaxy Nexus will give everything that One X has, with the exception of the camera, and it's around Rs17k cheaper.


I am being harsh here, but Xperience has taught me that Sony sets lose their speed fast as you use them. I think it has something to do with their custom skin - in any case, after witnessing the phenomenon on my past favorite, Xperia Neo V, I am putting recommending Sony phones on indefinite hold. Xperia S, besides having a stunning HD screen, doesn't have anything going for it. It's dual core processor is old news, and the price is way too high at Rs50k. But it's biggest crime is running on Android Gingerbread (though an upgrade to 4.0 will roll out soon). Bad deal.

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